The revenge of the band

“Feel good versions” hits from the TEN SING NOTEBANK with great Musicians :
The band consist of the Brothers Øystein and Torfinn Wang, who have been involved in Ten Sing music for more than 40 years, Mads Hauge on guitar,  played with Bryan Adams, Musical director of the  “The Voice” in  UK, produced and written songs for
Natasha Bedingfield ( Soulmate ) Pixie and others, Ottar Nesje, drums with Bjørn Eidsvåg, Secret Garden, and a lot of other artists, Karen Museus on vocal just released her own album : The talented Runa Husøy on Saxophone . Guest artist : Guitar : Hallgrim Brattberg, plays with Silje Nergård, Anne Grethe Preus, Kari Bremnes and lot others, Guest artist on Piano and Vokal : Ragnar Tesdal , “RAGGEN” , Other guest artist: Mari Hinze Tesdal.  Songs from the  playlist : Rock that doesn,t roll, Hope, Gospeltrain, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Have a talk with God, Set them free, Shackles, Cant stop the feeling and others,  – Come by and sing a long , or just listen to some good music
( For 50 years have the band musician heard : “Can you play softer on the drums”, Can you turn the bass amp down”, “Do you need to have that distortion on the guitar”  We cant hear the Choir ! In respect of Ten Sing, We have obeyed – Now its time to play songs from the NOTEBANK on the bands premisses )

Saturday 11. august

17:00 - Ten Sing Stage