Body image, mind and spirit

The focus on looks is greater than ever. What does this do with us and how we feel about ourselves? Is there anything the politicians or we can do to help this? An important and laidback talk with skilled people on how to deal with the appearance hysteria. The panelists are Gisle Agledahl, Lea Mariero and Maria Saxegaard, with Elise Håland Knutsen as moderator.


Gisle Agledahl is know for the norwegian TV-show “Damn fags” which aired in 2017. He has also taken a clear stand against body image, with the slogan “Your body is not you”.


Lea Marieo is a board member of Press, Save the Childrens youth organisation. They have recently published a report called “Project perfect”. This is about youths thoughts and opinions on body image, and how it affects them.


Maria Saxegaard is a volunteer in YMCA/YWCA, and is a self proclaimed alopecia activist. Alopecia is a hair loss condition, which Maria got as an 18 year old. She knows what it’s like to be what she calls “abnormal from society’s beauty standards”. Maria is passionate about people being accepted for who they are.

Wednesday 8. august

13:00 - Civic Engagement