Colour run

Join the colour run at Spekter!

A colour run is a way of combining fundraising for a good cause with changing the world through conscious action.

What is a Spekter colour run?

A Spekter colour run is a run where you collect sponsors who will pay money to support your effort in the run, while being splashed and showered in coloured powder. The sponsor can either contribute with a fixed amount of money, or a certain amount per round that you run. One round is 500 meters. The more rounds you do, the more money gets fundraised. In our online tool, the participating runners can register their sponsors and how many rounds they have run, and a message with payment details will be generated to every one of the sponsors.

Colour runs as a method to create engagement

A sponsored colour run is an efficient call to action where young people can contribute to making a more just world. Experience shows that running with sponsors engages young people in a different way than traditional fundraising – and everyone can participate!

How to run?

You don’t have to run – all kinds of creative thinking are welcome. You can go as a group of friends, run backwards, do it crawling or while singing. You can make creative adjustments to include everyone, from the youngest participants to the ones that might not be able to run that far.

Before the run

Weeks before the run, you’ll find the run registered in our online tool. The runners sign up – either as individual runners, or as a team if they want to. They get information about what they fundraise for, so that they can convince their peers to join in and/or sponsor them. The weeks and days before the run, the runners will ask friends, family and others to sponsor them with either a fixed amount, or an amount per round.

On the day

The event starts with registering and starting numbers being handed out. The runners participate in a fun and general warm up and get information about the fundraising cause. The run itself lasts 30 minutes where the runners run, walk, jump on one leg, roll or use whatever technique they want, to achieve as many rounds as possible. The point isn’t necessarily to run as fast as possible: your sponsor might find it impressive if you plan to roll around for 30 minutes and give you a high fixed amount for that! There might also be awards for the most creative costume, most money fundraised, most rounds completed etc. Everyone can participate, no matter their physical condition.

After the run

The organizers will register the rounds completed by the runners, our online tool does the calculations on how much money you’ve fundraised, and the winners will be announced. Meanwhile, the runners get refreshments and there will be entertainment for everyone involved while waiting for the results. Within one hour after the run, the results are ready, and the celebrations can begin.

Saturday 11. august

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