I believe I believe

What is the relationship between believing and knowing?

– How much can I doubt? How much can I believe?

– What does the Bible and Christian faith say about …?

– What would Jesus really have done?

At the “I believe I believe” seminar we create a forum and community where anyone can come and be curious about what it means to be Christian and anything else related to faith and doubt, church, prayer, Jesus, Christ, the Messiah, communion, God, creation, hope and love, the relationship between faith and science, the Holy Spirit and the last things. The seminar serves as a conversation between the participants where you decide how active you will be.

Seminar leader will be acting as a conversation-starter, but you are showing up who decides which questions and topics we will address. So if you have something really difficult or exciting you’ve been wondering for a while, or something you suddenly start thinking about during the festival, bring those questions to this seminar!

This conversation group will be led by Johannes Kvangarsnes

Wednesday 8. august

15:00 - Chapel