Mini pilgrimage

During hundreds of years people have been on the road to all kind different pilgrim sites and right now it’s getting very popular again.

Ok, we might not go the whole way from Kalvøya to Santiago de Compostela. But if you are wondering: How it is to be on the road with yourself or together with others? How can experiences and challenges on the road change the way I see things? Is it posible to meet God in the things happening on the way? Then you should join the Mini-Pilgrimage. The pilgrimage will be a short hike on the island with challenges and new insights on the way.

The seminar will be held by Johannes Kvangarsnes. Kvangarsnes is a studying theology at the Norwegian School of Theology, and he has previously worked at The Pilgrim Center of Oslo.

Thursday 9. august

15:30 - Zen Garden