Poetry and politics

Join us for an informal talk about how music and culture can affect politics. In the panel you will find artists which in different ways have used their position or work to focus on injustice. The panelists are Embla from Razika and Jon Olav.


Embla Karidotter is drummer and vocalist in the norwegian band Razika. She has a broad and clear political commitment in everything from equality to environment. She is also known for caring a lot about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict where she has taken a clear stand.


Jon Olav won a norwegian music award called “Untouched” in 2017, with his song “Hello Erna”. Erna is the name of the norwegian prime minister. All of his songs have clear political messages. An example is “Hello Erna, we are raping our world” – this takes a stand on norwegian climate politics, which he is particularly passionate about.

Saturday 11. august

12:30 - Civic Engagement