Speak Truth To Power

Speak Truth To Power is a worldwide art and culture program, initiated by Robert F Kennedy Human Rights. The purpose of the program is to promote knowledge about human rights by becoming aware of the battles that occur throughout the world.
The aim of the program is to inspire the participants to stand up for his or her rigts, opinions and values. The aim is also to make the participants aware of how to make brave choises in the face of injustice. Kerry Kennedy has collected stories from human right defenders from 40 different countries and written their stories in a book.

It is the thematic in these life stories we work with during the workshop. How can these stories be drawn down to our lives? Does the thematic in these stories affect us in our everyday lives? What is bravery, and why is it important? Through drama-educational excersises and methods, we will reflect on these questions, and discuss our own thoughts, ideas and stories, and hopefully reflect on why courage is important in our everyday lives.

Wednesday 8. august

15:00 - Local Theatre