Register as a volunteer!

We welcome you to apply as a volunteer at Spekter 2018. As a volunteer you will be a part of a large group working to make Spekter the best it can be. You will be a part of a lovely community and meet lots of new people.

To be a volunteer you need to be 18 years and older. You must also be able to take on three work shifts. A shift will last for approximately six hours. There is a limited amount of places as a volunteer, so be quick to register.

Any questions? Don´t hesitate to make contact!


As a volunteer you will recieve:

  • A free festival pass
  • A warm meal everyday
  • Bread and other food available at all time
  • A volunteer t-shirt


As a European volunteer you will be assigned to either kiosk, the exchange booth for international participants or as a runner/practical. You can wish for work assignement, and we will try our best to fulfill your wishes.

Café/Kiosk and Exchange booth

“Mammas bakeri” – “moms bakery” sels cakes, Norwegian traditional pancake, sodas and ice cream. The work assignement will be to manage the kiosk and to make the pancakes.

“Pappas pizza” – A kiosk were we sell pizza-buns  and sodas. The work assignement here will be to manage the kiosk and to heat up the pizza-buns.

Exchange booth for international participants – During Spekter 2018, we will have an exchange booth were participant can exchange money to our own Spekter currancy. The work assignement here will be to manage the Spekter currancy.

At the festivalarea, there will be different kiosk which we will need volunteers to manage.

The work shifts will last for six hours. Either from 11-17.30 or 17.-23.00


The work assignement for a runner/practical is to aid the “arena-team”, “food-team” or “environment team”. The work can vary from day to day and it all depends on what we need there and then. It can be to aid the kiosk, any technical help, clean the festival area or other work assignements.

A runner/practical shift will be from either 09-16.30 0r 16-23.00.


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